2015 Couponing Forecast

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The best predictor of the future is the recent and relevant past. In the world of couponing, that means 2015 trends will most likely follow Inmar’s reported 2014 couponing behaviors. The company recently announced that 2.84 billion coupons were redeemed in 2014, so chances are couponing will continue its popularity streak in 2015.


So a lot of people are couponing, but what types of coupons are they using? Inmar has the answer. Free-Standing Inserts, the kind that come tucked inside the newspaper, were by far the most popular coupons with 89.6 percent of distribution market share in 2014. So although the use of digital paperless Load-to-Card coupons are dramatically increasing year over year—in fact doubling in redeemed market share from 2013 to 2014—they still only made up 1.8 percent of the redeemed coupons.

Inmar Chariman and CEO David Mounts, however, predicts that L2C coupons, which have increased in usage for five consecutive years, will overtake other types of coupons in popularity before we know it.

“The 100 percent, year-over-year growth we’re continuing to see in redemption for load-to-card coupons is affirmation of their rapidly expanding popularity among consumers, and the tremendous utility they provide marketers,“ Mounts said. “The ability marketers now have to personalize these offers, deliver them adjacent to equity-building content and target them to individual shoppers – at scale – makes them particularly effective in building share for brands and maintaining loyalty for retailers.”


So as much as we all love those L2C coupons, it doesn’t look like couponers are going to stop shuffling through the Sunday paper any time soon. Chances are, too, that if you ran out of time to redeem coupons in 2014, you’ll have to hurry in 2015, as well. According to Inmar’s data, although average coupon face values increased as much as 11.6 percent in 2014, marketers gave consumers less time to take advantage of the offers with an average redemption period that shrank 7.2 percent to just two months.

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