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  • Design Custom Clothing for Memorable Gifts

    Posted on 30/04/2016 by | Comments Off on Design Custom Clothing for Memorable Gifts

    Customize clothing in minutes and make a long-lasting impression on friends, family, employees and clients alike. Choose from Vistaprint’s embroidered polos, jackets and pullovers available in a variety of colors. The stylish fashions can be ordered in absolutely any quantity, and the graphic can be uploaded easily from your computer.

    Any Fashion

    Vistaprint offers customers more promotional products in more styles and even more colors. The simple, DIY experience allows customers to personalize clothing, bags and a huge variety of other promotional products – with no setup fees!


    Go Viral

    See where your brand can go with customizable shirts, outerwear and sweaters. Design them yourself, incorporating your name, logo or slogan to show off your business.


    Hot Merchandise

    Branded merchandise is not only a great way to show your appreciation to customers and employees, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving – to you! Vistaprint has all the hottest promotional merchandise available to customize with your business name and logo with promotional products. High-quality items ranging from clothing and totes to electronics and tools can make thank-you gifts that are used frequently, spreading your brand everywhere they go!


    With Promotional Products by Vistaprint, the brand offers customers more promotional products in more styles and even more colors. The simple, DIY experience allows customers to personalize clothing, bags and a huge variety of other promotional products – with no setup fees!

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  • Run a Winning Postcard Campaign with Vistaprint

    Posted on 29/04/2016 by | Comments Off on Run a Winning Postcard Campaign with Vistaprint

    Are you looking for a new way for your small business to attract attention? Consider incorporating direct-mail postcards into your marketing plan. Marketing postcards help generate buzz over potential sales, and a postcard campaign can be successful with a bit of creativity and an understanding of the audience you want to reach.

    Benefits of Marketing Postcards

    A postcard marketing campaign is ideal if you want to reach a local audience or if you are seeking an inventive way to make an impact in your community. Marketing postcards allow you to use colorful graphics, typography and innovation in order to showcase your brand and the business you represent. You can also send marketing postcards to a specific city or state, as well as a set mailing list, depending on the type of customers you hope to appeal. By choosing postcards from Vistaprint, you can also create and send customized postcards at a relatively inexpensive price.

    postcard mailing


    It’s easy to get your business noticed from postcards if you implement a little creativity. You might choose a seasonal color scheme and incorporate weather or holiday themes based on when the postcards are mailed. Use graphics and colors that represent the season, such as images of beaches and sunshine for summer, falling leaves for autumn, flowers for spring and snow for winter. Design your postcards so that they appeal to the region to which your are planning to send them.


    Announce Contests or Giveaways

    Postcards not only market your brand, but they also can be used to make a splash in the industry. By promoting a contest or giveaway with postcards, you can generate buzz and interest in your small business. A well-planned contest or giveaway can attract prospective customers to check out your business and all it has to offer. If you host a giveaway that doesn’t require a purchase of your goods or services, you are even more likely to reach a wider audience.


    Target Specific Demographics

    Before you send marketing postcards, you should consider the demographic you are hoping to reach. Understanding the age group, gender and interests of your prospective customers will help you create a successful marketing campaign. If you hope to reach a local target audience, consider the region, temperature and additional activities relevant to the residents. The more relevant your postcards are to potential clients, the easier it is to generate business.


    Millions of customers already rely on Vistaprint to print marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, signs and banners. They can even rely on Vistaprint to send postcards to a custom mailing list or even to a list based upon a geographical location. But as more small-business marketing moves to cyber space, customers must also transition their marketing needs to the social media sphere. With Vistaprint’s social postcards, even the most inexperienced marketer or small-business owner can successfully add a Facebook campaign to their marketing efforts.

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  • From Invitations to Favors, Vistaprint offers the Full Wedding Package

    Posted on 29/04/2016 by | Comments Off on From Invitations to Favors, Vistaprint offers the Full Wedding Package

    Believe it or not, it is possible to have a beautiful, meaningful wedding without spending a fortune. In fact, saving money on certain expenses may leave you less stressed and able to enjoy your special day even more. Fortunately, Vistaprint offers a full wedding package for a fraction of the cost you’ll find from major brands. Create a coordinated set of announcements, invites, RSVPs and more for a gorgeous look at a great value.


    Whether you’re planning the wedding of your dreams or an intimate gathering of your closest family and friends, Vistaprint allows you to set the stage for your big day with thousands of designs that only look expensive. For a real savings on invitation costs, order your invitations through Vistaprint. You’ll find lots of ways to personalize your wedding stationary and can order matching save the date cards, menus and thank-you notes, too. With Vistaprint coupons available, there’s an option for every budget.

    wedding invitations 6

    Thank-you Cards

    Your wedding is one of the most memorable days in your life and it wouldn’t be the same without your guests. It is important to express your gratitude to guests for wedding guests and for making the necessary accommodations to celebrate the day with you. Proper wedding etiquette calls for either thank-you gifts or thank-you cards to be sent out immediately after the wedding day. You can order thank-you cards from Vistaprint at the same time you order wedding invitations so they resemble one another and maintain a similar theme. Other unique cards can be printed with the bride and groom’s picture or a special collage from the wedding.

    wedding invitations2


    Sending your guests off with wedding favors is not just proper wedding etiquette, it can also be a special way to express your relationship through a personalized gift. Your wedding favors should match your wedding theme and the couple’s personality. By ordering customized wedding favors from Vistaprint, including such gifts as custom can coolers, photo calendars, pens and mugs, you can ensure the gifts match your weddings’ overall theme while you give friends and family a cherished memento.


    The Whole Package

    Complete your whole wedding package and let Vistaprint fulfill all your custom printing needs. You can also order affordable save-the-dates, programs, menus and place cards with the same design as your invitations and other wedding stationery. Want to add a wedding website but unsure how to design it yourself? Vistaprint can help you with that, as well, and you can even use a template that matches the rest of your package!

    wedding invitations1

    Don’t forget to watch Vistaprint Deals for all the greatest coupons and discounts and all your custom printed products.

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  • Tell the World About Your Favorite Graduate’s Big Day with Custom Announcements and Invitations

    Posted on 16/03/2016 by | Comments Off on Tell the World About Your Favorite Graduate’s Big Day with Custom Announcements and Invitations

    When an important event occurs, you want to let the special people in your life know all about it. You surely want to show your pride in a recent graduate, and you can find some great announcements from Vistaprint. It’s easy to set your finished graduation announcement apart from others in a just few simple steps:

    Select a Theme

    Vistaprint has a number of different announcement designs, but you should start with the type that works with your event. Whether you’re inviting family to a commencement ceremony or friends to a big party, you’ll be able to find an appropriate theme.


    Choose a Fun Design

    When you pick a graduation announcement, you need to pick one that appeals to you. Look for a fun design that you’d like to see in your own mailbox. This might be an announcement with a photo of your graduate, or you might prefer a more formal invitation featuring dignified fonts and a cap and gown.


    Celebrate the Occasion

    They’ve studied hard and are about to commence to the next step of life. Announce your graduate’s big day with all the pomp and circumstance they deserve. If you’re like a lot of people in today’s hectic world, you’re tired of filling in the blanks on generic invitations. Instead, set the tone for your event by creating the perfect custom invitations. Whether it’s a big party or a small gathering, Vistaprint offers personalized invitations and announcements to share all your big news.


    Design Your Own

    Are you savvy when it comes to graphic and page design? Do you have the perfect announcement in mind, you just haven’t found it in a template? You can design your own invitations and announcements and upload them for Vistaprint to print with the same high-quality materials used for its own designs.

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  • Top 7 Ways Promotional Snail Mail Bests Email

    Posted on 29/02/2016 by | Comments Off on Top 7 Ways Promotional Snail Mail Bests Email

    Both email and snail-mail promotions have advantages and disadvantages. After all, email is quick and cheap. It allows businesses to easily and inexpensively test a market, and downloadable fulfillment pieces are instantly accessible. Snail mail, on the other hand, seems so 20th Century. With email, text messages, Facebook messages, tweets and video chat available, why would anyone use U.S. postal mail to reach out to customers? For one, it’s a lot more effective.

    “Direct mail responses vary, but anything from 0.5 to 2 percent is considered good,” Mark Satterfield, author of The One Week Marketing Plan told Inc.com. “For unsolicited email marketing, a good response rate is 0.01 percent. So (with direct mail) you have a higher chance that your promotion will be acted on.”

    Direct-mail marketing offers a lot of other benefits to which e-mail just can’t compare, including:

    1. Reaching High-level Decision Makers

    Email marketing to this demographic never works, Satterfield said. “Their spam filters are so tight that if you send unsolicited email it has zero chance of getting through. Whereas if you send a direct-mail piece that looks like business correspondence, it’s much more likely to get through.”

    a hand holds a single key

    2. Introducing Yourself

    If your business is new to the neighborhood or the industry, a direct-mail piece is a great way to grab people’s attention in a crowded marketplace. An eye-catching postcard with compelling graphics might just catch their eyes when an online ad or unsolicited email would be ignored.


    3. Reaching a Target Audience

    Direct mailing lists are easy to precisely target. If you’ve determined your target customers, you can create direct mail campaigns targeted tightly to those people.

    “If you want to target people by ZIP Code or profession or which associations they belong to, you can buy all those lists,” Satterfield said.

    Determing your target market can also save costs. If, for example, tight targeting has produced a list of only 100 people who truly fit your target customer profile, and each direct mail item costs 50 cents apiece, you can reach that target market for only $50 plus the cost of buying the list.


    4. Tying a Promotion to a Holiday or Event

    Direct mail is an especially effective way to get customers through the door when you’re running a promotion tied in to an event such as a sporting match or a holiday. “If you tie your services or product to a holiday and then do promotion around that holiday, it can be particularly effective,” Satterfield said. “We had an irrigation service client who did a direct mail piece around Arbor Day. Who even remembers when Arbor Day is? They sent an oversized postcard reminding people about the holiday and offered a discount. They sent it to a ZIP Code where there were expensive homes. It was very successful.”


    5. Directing People to Your Website

    “Direct mail is a great way to get people’s attention and start a relationship,” Satterfield said. “It’s not that effective at actually selling things.”

    Direct-mail marketing should include a strong call to action, which often will send people to your website for more information, to receive a discount or download free content. According to Satterfield, one particular consulting firm had a free report available on its website, and the direct-mail piece was designed to motivate recipients to download the report. To do so, they had provide their names, and they were offered the chance to opt-in fora email messages. Since opt-in email lists are very effective for marketing, the combination of the direct-mail piece and the website were very effective.

    “If you view the objective of your direct mail campaign as getting people to express interest in you, then it’s very powerful,” Sutterfield added.


    6. Receiving a Positive Response

    “Even in consumer marketing, the volume of mail people receive every day has dropped dramatically,” Satterfield said. “So we’re seeing even an oversized postcard with an intriguing call to action having very good responses.”

    The direct-mail environment is a good one. People may call it “junk mail,” but they use the term with a lot less ire than when they refer to “spam.” When they check their email, they’re often sitting at a desk staring at a monitor and just generally busy. When they sort through postal mail, on the other hand, they’re probably much more relaxed and feel less rushed.

    mailing list

    7. Offering Space to Tell a Story

    Direct mail allows senders to incorporate emotion. With a letter or flyer they can inspire, convince, argue, persuade, frighten or motivate. Readers are less likely to follow an emotional appeal in an email. Email readers want you to get the facts and get out.


    Email and other digital-marketing promotions often work only when sent to people you know or whom you have earned the right to email, such as those who subscribed to your mailing list from your website. But if an email recipient doesn’t know you well enough to recognize your name or email address, there is a big chance that they will delete the email as spam and perhaps even block future emails from you. To further complicate the question about whether to use email for promotions, some email, if not worded or constructed correctly, will get stopped by spam filters and blockers installed on email servers. Certain words, phrases and behind-the-email technical factors are red flags that get an email blocked – never to be seen by the recipients.

    Direct mail, on the other hand, can be very cost effective but there’s no question that your front-end costs are going to be higher. The good news is that Vistaprint offers customizable flyers, brochures and postcards that are sure to grab recipients’ attention. And because time is money, you’ll save both with Vistaprint’s postcard-mailing services.

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  • Get Ready for Any Holiday with Vistaprint Products

    Posted on 22/02/2016 by | Comments Off on Get Ready for Any Holiday with Vistaprint Products

    It’s one-stop holiday shopping at Vistaprint, and there’s lots of cheer to choose from! Just visit the Holiday Shop to create the perfect personalized Christmas cards, then stick around to finish your holiday shopping list. Wall calendars make great gifts for parents and grandparents when you upload photos and add icons marking special dates. Thrill the kids with custom phone cases and make good with your boss or teacher with a custom mug. Vistaprint also offers custom T-shirts, can coolers, photo magnets and more!

    Holiday Greetings

    One of the most traditional and loved ways to share holiday cheer is to send cards to family, friends and loved ones. Gone, however, are the days when celebrants shopped for greeting cards in the aisles of the local stationery or discount store. Instead, holiday cards are increasingly created from an array of online design templates and personalized to a one-of-a-kind design that perfectly matches the sender’s personality. While traditional designs are likely to arouse memories of holidays past, many senders prefer to create cards aligned with the season’s trends.


    Vistaprint offers affordable, customizable greeting cards and invitations for Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, New Year and even Rosh Hashanah. Hundreds of designs can be personalized as one-of-a-kind creations to send to family and friends. Each year, customers return to Vistaprint because of the professional quality of its products offered at affordable prices. Some of the most popular designs include:

    • Black and White
      Share family photos within a dramatic setting by designing a black and white themed card. The non-traditional colors will not only appear trendy, but will stick out from the endless stack of cards a recipient pulls from their mailbox.
    • Foil Accents
      Choose a card with real foil accents and follow one of the hottest trends this holiday season. Not only do the designs align perfectly with visions of a classic holiday season, but they also add a new, modern touch. Vistaprint offers holiday cards with foil accents in a variety of colors – including this season’s hottest gold.
    • Photo Overlay
      Increased use and popularity of photo-editing software has created a trend featuring designs or text on top of one or more photos. Vistaprint offers photo overlay with a large variety of its designs. Choose from incorporating text and design over as many photos as you’d like!
    • Nontraditional Colors
      Your holiday cards don’t have to be red and green. This year, celebrants are branching out and incorporating a variety of seasonal and neutral colors – including charcoal, black, yellow, grey, nude and chocolate – into their holiday cards.
    • Photo Greetings
      Great memories make great cards, and Vistaprint allows you to easily upload up to 12 of your own photos for use in a variety of templates. Available in all sizes, you can even add your company logo. Not only can you find cards with Christmas greetings at Vistaprint, but you can also choose among seasonal cards, New Year’s cards, Hanukkah cards and general holiday greetings.
    • Non-photo cards
      No photo? No problem. Vistaprint also allows you to personalize your designs with a special message for family, friends or customers.
    • Business Greetings
      Your holiday cards are also a great opportunity to show clients and customers how much you care and appreciate their business. In the days of quick electronic communication, a well-crafted and thoughtful greeting card certainly stands apart from the pack. Vistaprint offers a plethora of templates to choose from, including standards cards, photo cards, and cards with your company logo. Once you’ve chosen your favorite fonts and designs, add season’s greetings and photos to create your one-of-a-kind holiday card.
    holiday cards

    Holiday Shopping

    After you’ve ordered your custom holiday cards, finish up your shopping list with Vistaprint, as well. Whether you’re looking for party favors or stocking stuffers, you’ll find all sorts of personalized gifts, including calendars, phone cases, mugs and clothing. You can order as many or as few of each design as you like!

    • Wall Calendars
      Add photos and mark special dates to create a personalized wall calendar that’s totally from the heart. The perfect gift for any loved one!

    calendar wall3

    • Personalized Phone Cases
      Create a custom phone case for gift-giving – or for yourself – with favorite photos and messages. Vistaprint offers a plethora of designs of protective or lightweight cases for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5.


    • Custom Mugs
      Create instant cheer by giving family, friend and colleagues a custom mug. Infuse special photos to make a mug into a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift.


    • More Custom Gifts
      The list of meaningful, one-of-a-kind gifts continues! Vistaprint also offers personalized photo gifts, including canvas prints, as well as photo puzzles or coasters and even personalized stationery.
    photo gifts

    The list of gifts available from Vistaprint doesn’t end there! Customize T-shirts, can coolers, photo magnets and photo flip books to create one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list. Personalize party invitations and even design address labels that match your custom Christmas, New Year’s and Hanukkah cards. Don’t forget to check for savings and sales at Vistaprint Deals!

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  • Let Vistaprint Help You Prepare for Your Next Trade Show

    Posted on 19/02/2016 by | Comments Off on Let Vistaprint Help You Prepare for Your Next Trade Show

    Trade shows are a great opportunity to inform large amounts of people about your business or service. However, trade shows are so full of companies that it can be sometimes difficult to stand out among the crowd and garner the attention you truly deserve. When you want to set yourself apart from others at a trade show, you need to be unique and enticing.

    Attract Attention

    Atmospheres full of crowds, banners, color and noise can become overwhelmingly weary in a short time, but you can raise your business above all that at the next trade show or conference you attend. When tending your booth, it’s important to keep your cool and cater to even the most casual browsers – you never know who might become a loyal customer. People often make snap judgments when passing your booth, so it’s doubly important to stand out in a positive light.

    No matter what you are selling, people buy from other people that they like. Therefore, it is imperative that you are personable and friendly toward every person that you meet at a trade show. After all, you never know who that person you opens the convention-hall door for could end up being. It is easier to sell your product if you can sell yourself. And the best way to sell yourself is to be friendly and approachable to those around you. Networking and attracting like-minded people at the trade show will help expand your clientele and, thus, sell more.

    Rather than paying for an expensive customized booth for a trade show event, you can come up with the components yourself. An oversized banner will be big enough to draw attention to your booth and can be a cost-effective way to bring in trade show attendees. You can also use smaller sized banners and posters, as well as brochures, flyers and business cards, to educate attendees about your products and services.


    Offer Promotional Items

    Inexpensive giveaways are budget-friendly products that can impact your business in a big way. The best type of swag is the kind that provides value and promotes your business name or brand. Customers love free promotional items that they can take home and use for years to come. Promotional items range from clothing accessories to office supplies, to calendars and more. No matter what you use, promotional items will help people continually be reminded of your company and your product or service. The following items have mass appeal and are perfect for almost any event:

      • T-shirts

        Many types of giveaways can be money down the drain because they’re not targeted the individual, and they don’t help in making a sale. T-shirts, however, are usually a safe bet as they get worn around town and generate publicity.


    • Useful Items

      Too often promotional swag is lost or left in hotel rooms. Instead offer something attendees will find useful and keep better track of. Items such as bottle openers or USB drives can be used by just about everyone. You’ll not only be a hero, but your brand will be memorable, too.

    • Reusable Totes

      Trade show attendees are likely collecting promotional items from a plethora of businesses, but how many of them remembered to bring a bag in which to carry their swag? Be their hero by offering branded totes. Not only will you business brand be visible throughout the show, but also at everywhere to which they take it home.


    Trade shows are an invaluable resource for gaining attention for your company. That said, it is vital to approach them seriously and effectively. After all, you are likely sacrificing time away from the office, where you could be making sales. But if you can separate yourself from the others in attendance, you will surely leave an impression on potential clients and customers that will result in their relying on you in the future.

    Check out Vistaprint to find all the greatest deals on quality marketing materials and promotional products!

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  • Customize T-shirts for Unique Styles, Family Gatherings and Business Events

    Posted on 18/02/2016 by | Comments Off on Customize T-shirts for Unique Styles, Family Gatherings and Business Events

    Everybody can use an extra t-shirt, and adding a custom design only makes the clothing more special. At Vistaprint, anyone can create a custom t-shirt that’s not only designed with ease, but also priced to please. Whether you’re customizing a t-shirt for a special event, a sports team, for business or for fun, Vistaprint’s specialized software will assist even the most amateur of designers to create a t-shirt that anyone would be proud to wear.

    T-shirts Make Great Gifts

    Place a child’s photo or another personal design on a t-shirt and present it to a friend or loved who will be proud to wear the custom design. Vistaprint allows you to customize any t-shirt for men, women or children at discount prices beginning at $11.99 for just one shirt.

    Branded clothing is also a great way to promote your business, and it makes an ideal appreciation gift to employees. Add your logo to t-shirts and offer them to employees as well as loyal clients. Each time the recipient wears your business’ item, he or she is a walking advertisement for you. Therefore, promotional clothing is a wise investment for any small business looking for inexpensive marketing.


    Promote Your Brand with T-shirts

    Custom clothing, including t-shirts, Polos, jackets and pullovers, doesn’t have to have your business’ name on it, but it certainly helps when it does. Featuring your business’ name allows people to explicitly see who you are and how to find you if they have questions. Your business name also helps build your brand and the familiarity people have with your company. Consider printing your company’s name in the same font and colors you use on signage at your office for more memorability.

    If your business has a great-looking logo that sets you apart, Vistaprint can put that on a shirt. A logo is unique to your business and is also more recognizable than a simple name. You might also consider putting the logo on the front of the shirt and the business name on the back, or vise verse.

    No matter how creatively you customize your t-shirt, it won’t do a bit of good if potential customers don’t know how to reach you. Be sure and include your contact information in a clear and concise way that people will understand. The contact info will help you generate more leads and create interest in your business.


    What will you be designing a t-shirt for?

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