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Vistaprint Deals Coupon Widget

Vistaprint Deals is very excited to announce a new embeddable widget that allows bloggers to keep their readers informed of the latest coupon codes Vistaprint Deals is offering. Putting the widget on your site to share with your reader is easy!     Here’s how: 1. Copy the embed code here: <div id="vista"><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><span><div


How Will Internet Sales Tax Bill Impact Small Business?

By Judy Pokras (Google+) If the U.S. House approves the Marketplace Fairness Act, which requires Internet retailers to collect sales taxes on online purchases, the “big winners” would be major retailers and local brick-and-mortar stores, as Jayne O’Donnell and Hadley Malcolm write in USA TODAY. The bill is being considered in the House; the U.S.


Digital Coupon Apps Are a Win-Win

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Large retailers are using digital coupons to target specific demographic groups among their customers. That allows supermarkets, for example, to pinpoint the group of shoppers that make the most money, namely young families. So says Teresa Chipps, independent VP of marketing and education at SUPERVALU, in an article by Cindy Waxer


Can Your Small Business Star on a Reality Show?

By Judy Pokras (Google+) One way to get a lot of publicity for your small business, without having to pay for it, is to have a TV reality show that is all about your company!   As an Associated Press article in The Washington Post points out, cable shows featuring small businesses — such as


Pros and Cons of Using Coupons on a Date

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Coupons are a great way to save money, but when you’re on a date, it might not always be the best time to use them. A survey conducted by Coupon Cabin found that 73% of 2,346 people questioned would stay on the date and go out with the person again if


11 Perks Your Small Business Can Give Employees

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Happy employees are productive employees, and small businesses (as well as larger ones) can boost workers’ enthusiasm by offering them extras. Here are some ideas:   1) Catered Lunches   Catered food has been a standard perk in the film industry for a long time, with “craft service” tables providing all


10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Growing your small business does not have to cost a lot. Steve Smith, business coach at GrowthSource Consulting, says to first be clear about what you want your business to be, notes Jennifer Vishnevsky of BusinessNewsDaily. Once you know that, you can do the following:   1. Offer an incentive for


6 Ways Your Small business Can Save Money

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Saving money is smart for a business in good times, and really important during an economic recession. Here are six ways your small business can economize right now.   1. Plan ahead   By doing research on anticipated needs, you can find the best deals on products and services. Waiting until


5 Efficiency Tips for Small Business Owners

By Judy Pokras (Google+) By planning ahead, your small business can create efficiencies that go a long way towards reducing costs, maximizing resources, speeding up deliveries, and producing happier customers.   Here are five things you can do as a business owner to be more efficient and to simplify your many tasks:   1. Explore


5 Ways to Drum Up Business As a Solo Professional

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) After landing that anchor client (or two) who enabled you to venture out on your own as a solo professional, how do you create a portfolio of customers and ensure a steady revenue stream? Here are some ideas that will get your business farther down the path to financial viability: