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Create an Effective Online Brand Identity

A successful online brand identity begins with a strong, identifiable Web presence that communicates your business or personal identity, values and superior products or services quickly and clearly. But how do you create and institute and effective online brand identity? Good design is a critical part of any Web or social media presence. Think of


From Bonne Impression to Cimpress: How Vistaprint Transformed the Printing Business

“Imagine you are a small business. You want to look legitimate. Everyone knows that the terms ‘high-quality, color and professional design’ don’t belong in the same sentence with inexpensive, low-volume, easy or quick.” -Excerpt from Vistaprint founder Robert Keane’s business plan developed at the INSEAD business school in France. Back in 1994, few people realized


The Right Logo Can Make Your Business Succeed

The proper logo provides your business with a professional look and a more memorable brand. Although a well-designed logo helps you make a positive first impression with prospective customers, many small-business owners feel they don’t have adequate design skills to create the logo they envision, and in today’s economy it can be difficult to hire


Spread the Word with Custom Banners

One of the best ways to get the attention of potential customers is to use banners. They can be used in a wide variety of ways, from announcing a grand opening to advertising a promotion. Vistaprint banners are affordable, easily customizable and professional. Here are seven great ways business owners can use them: 1. Announce


Top 5 Reasons to Create a Local Search Profile for Your Small Business

There’s one thing today’s small business owners can easily implement to help them boost sales all year long: a local search profile. A local search profile ensures your business will appear in results for more than 100 search engines and search websites, including Google, Yahoo,, Facebook Places, Twitter, GPs and more. And Vistaprint’s digital


Customize with Confidence with Vistaprint’s Design Services

Give your business a boost with Vistaprint services that help you get organized and noticed! Vistaprint offers the Web’s best business cards, but the benefits don’t stop there. From logo design and mailing lists to credit-card processing and toll-free phone numbers, Vistaprint offers everything you need to get your business up and running on the


Now’s the Time to Design Your 2016 Calendar

Personalized calendars make fabulous gifts that are sure to become treasured keepsakes. Including favorite family photos only increase their sentimental value. Perhaps the calendar could feature pics of a newborn baby on the month he or she was born, or it might highlight photos of your favorite graduate in the month of May. Adorn the


Creative Ideas for Your 2016 Calendar

The new year is rapidly approaching, and now is the perfect time to design your 2016 calendar. But modern calendars offer so many customizations and designs, it can be difficult to even know where to start. Customize any of the following ideas to create a personalized calendar from Vistaprint. Choose Your Favorite Format Who will


Thank Employees for a Job Well Done with Corporate Gifts

Branded merchandise is not only a great way to show your appreciation to customers and employees, but it’s the gift that keeps on giving – to you! Vistaprint has all the hottest promotional merchandise available to customize with your business name and logo with promotional products. High-quality items ranging from clothing and totes to electronics


Personalize Your Holiday Shopping List

There’s no place like Vistaprint, for the holidays! Visit the site to create the perfect personalized Christmas cards, then stick around to finish your holiday shopping list. Wall calendars make great gifts for parents and grandparents when you upload photos and add icons marking special dates. Thrill the kids with custom phone cases and make