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10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Growing your small business does not have to cost a lot. Steve Smith, business coach at GrowthSource Consulting, says to first be clear about what you want your business to be, notes Jennifer Vishnevsky of BusinessNewsDaily. Once you know that, you can do the following:   1. Offer an incentive for


6 Ways Your Small business Can Save Money

By Judy Pokras (Google+) Saving money is smart for a business in good times, and really important during an economic recession. Here are six ways your small business can economize right now.   1. Plan ahead   By doing research on anticipated needs, you can find the best deals on products and services. Waiting until


5 Efficiency Tips for Small Business Owners

By Judy Pokras (Google+) By planning ahead, your small business can create efficiencies that go a long way towards reducing costs, maximizing resources, speeding up deliveries, and producing happier customers.   Here are five things you can do as a business owner to be more efficient and to simplify your many tasks:   1. Explore


5 Ways to Drum Up Business As a Solo Professional

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) After landing that anchor client (or two) who enabled you to venture out on your own as a solo professional, how do you create a portfolio of customers and ensure a steady revenue stream? Here are some ideas that will get your business farther down the path to financial viability:  


Building Your Direct Mail List

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) Drop your business card in the fishbowl for your chance to win…!   Building a direct mail list is more complex than building an email marketing list. There are plenty of factors to consider beyond placing a sign-up sheet at the register or guestbook at your shop. A direct mail list


3 Mandatory Areas Frugal Freelancers Must Address

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) Being a successful freelancer requires keen attention to two sides of the same coin: increasing your income and reducing your overhead.   For good reason emphasis is often placed on generating more income. Advice here ranges from increasing your client base to pricing your services accurately. More cash in — assuming


Vistaprint Coupons + Promo Codes – The Ultimate List

If you’re looking for the best Vistaprint coupons, then look no further. Vistaprint Deals has compiled all of the latest codes for you to enjoy. Better yet, we’ll identify what the best deal is so you don’t have to try them all! Now you can save money on the Vistaprint products you know and love and be


Are You Ready for the Naked Economy?

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) In the “Naked Economy” all you need to wear to the modern office is a smile and some sunscreen. Okay, actually, you’ll need more than that. A lot more. The phrase “naked economy” may sound titillating but, according to the book by the same name, “naked” defines our rapidly shifting economy.


Hacking Loyalty Points and Coupons for Savings

By Katie McCaskey (Google+) You don’t need to be an “extreme couponer” to enjoy doubling down on savings until you reach BOGO nirvana. “BOGO,” if that word doesn’t already tickle your fancy, is slang for “buy one, get one.” BOGO is in just one bit of wordplay that’s developed for the masses online and offline