Eye-catching Marketing Materials Perfectly Promote Any Special Event

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You’ve put a lot of time and effort into planning for your upcoming trade show, party, shower or reception, right? So what could be worse than no one showing up? All that work you put into preparations would be a huge waste! The best way to avoid such a scenario can be boiled down to three words: promotion, promotion, promotion. And you don’t have to be a marketing whiz to get the job done. All you need are the right materials, and fortunately, Vistaprint has all the marketing materials you’ll need to ensure you’re big event is a stupendous success, including:


Without turning into a spammer, email your entire address book. Update recipients with new info as the event’s date nears, and let them know how much their attendance means to your success. Vistaprint’s email marketing service can help you promote your event through personalized emails, integrate social media, add images and even offer emailed coupons. Try it free for one month!

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A Facebook page can grab people’s attention, and users will share info about events they find interesting, exciting and worthwhile. Facebook is also a great place to provide updates as the date nears. You can entice people to join or like the page by offering to enter all fans into a prize drawing. Vistaprint can help you create a professional page, reach out to prospective attendees and engage them with relevant content and designs. Vistaprint’s Facebook Page Builder can even assist you in running promotions that encourage fans to share your info and attend the event – all for as little as $10 a month.



Blog posts are a great way to offer plenty of details about the reason behind your event. Create a blog and regularly update it with new posts, each including new information or discussing your event from a new angle. And don’t worry if you’re less than technically inclined, with Vistaprint’s website builder, anyone can create a website – no skills required. Try it free for one month!


Direct Mail

An eye-catching mailer can certainly grab attention, but it’s even more effective if it’s more than just one more sheet of printed paper that people will toss in the trash. Vistaprint offers all sorts of marketing materials that can be customized with eye-catching designs and durable materials. Choose affordable postcards, flyers, brochures, invitations and other stationery.


Flyers and Posters

Many public places – including grocery stores, libraries and restaurants, to name a few – feature a bulletin board where flyers and posters can be displayed and viewed by passersby. Some communities even allow posters to be posted on telephone poles. Vistaprint offers a plethora of affordable flyers and posters in a large variety of designs – or you can upload your own creation.

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T-shirts and other wearables are one of the best ways to promote an event – especially if it’s held annually or on another regular basis. Print up a group of t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts or tote bags with the name and logo for your event. If space allows, include the url of your website or blog, the date, location and other details. Wearables are particularly useful for annual events, as they can be offered to attendees and serve as advertising each time they’re worn over the coming year. Vistaprint offers affordable t-shirts, hats, tote bags and a whole host of other promotional items that can be printed with your custom design.


We’d love to hear the creative ways you’ve used Vistaprint products to market your special event! Tell us all about it below!