Run a Winning Postcard Campaign with Vistaprint

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Are you looking for a new way for your small business to attract attention? Consider incorporating direct-mail postcards into your marketing plan. Marketing postcards help generate buzz over potential sales, and a postcard campaign can be successful with a bit of creativity and an understanding of the audience you want to reach.

Benefits of Marketing Postcards

A postcard marketing campaign is ideal if you want to reach a local audience or if you are seeking an inventive way to make an impact in your community. Marketing postcards allow you to use colorful graphics, typography and innovation in order to showcase your brand and the business you represent. You can also send marketing postcards to a specific city or state, as well as a set mailing list, depending on the type of customers you hope to appeal. By choosing postcards from Vistaprint, you can also create and send customized postcards at a relatively inexpensive price.

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It’s easy to get your business noticed from postcards if you implement a little creativity. You might choose a seasonal color scheme and incorporate weather or holiday themes based on when the postcards are mailed. Use graphics and colors that represent the season, such as images of beaches and sunshine for summer, falling leaves for autumn, flowers for spring and snow for winter. Design your postcards so that they appeal to the region to which your are planning to send them.


Announce Contests or Giveaways

Postcards not only market your brand, but they also can be used to make a splash in the industry. By promoting a contest or giveaway with postcards, you can generate buzz and interest in your small business. A well-planned contest or giveaway can attract prospective customers to check out your business and all it has to offer. If you host a giveaway that doesn’t require a purchase of your goods or services, you are even more likely to reach a wider audience.


Target Specific Demographics

Before you send marketing postcards, you should consider the demographic you are hoping to reach. Understanding the age group, gender and interests of your prospective customers will help you create a successful marketing campaign. If you hope to reach a local target audience, consider the region, temperature and additional activities relevant to the residents. The more relevant your postcards are to potential clients, the easier it is to generate business.


Millions of customers already rely on Vistaprint to print marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, signs and banners. They can even rely on Vistaprint to send postcards to a custom mailing list or even to a list based upon a geographical location. But as more small-business marketing moves to cyber space, customers must also transition their marketing needs to the social media sphere. With Vistaprint’s social postcards, even the most inexperienced marketer or small-business owner can successfully add a Facebook campaign to their marketing efforts.