Why Free Shipping Matters

Posted on 18/04/2015 by | Comments Off on Why Free Shipping Matters

How much does free shipping matter to today’s consumer? A lot, according to the third annual UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study. The study, which examines online shopping preferences and customer satisfaction, found that fee shipping is the most preferred option when ordering products from the Web. In fact, 93 percent of online shoppers surveyed say they have taken action such as ordering additional products just to qualify for free shipping.

Of those consumers surveyed who take action to qualify for free shipping, 58 percent said they order additional items so they don’t have to pay for shipping, and 50 percent said they choose a slower transit time because it’s free. Another 47 percent said they have searched online for a free-shipping promo code, and 35 percent will choose to have a product shipped in store. Other customers surveyed said they would join a loyalty program, delay making a purchase or choose an alternative product just to save on shipping costs.

Fast vs Free eCommerce Shipping InfographicAn infographic by eFulfillment Service

Fifty-eight percent of consumers surveyed by UPS said they have actually abandoned their online shopping cart because shipping costs make their total purchase too expensive. Fortunately, Vistaprint customers don’t have to make such difficult decisions since they can often easily find free-shipping promo codes at Vistaprint Deals. And even if they can’t find a code, Vistaprint is always upfront on its shipping costs, even including those costs when a customer clicks “Get A Quote” on each product’s pricing page.